Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stressed? Depressed? Lil' bit of both?

This week has been a rough one for me. Finances, Work, Family, Drama, drama, drama.
Nothing horrible has happened. Nothing has really changed. But this week the 
stress of the real world has caught up with me and I just feel drained.  
This whole week I feel like I've been holding back tears.

I want to scream. I was to cry. I want to sit at home (with my new snuggie).  I want to do nothing.  
I want to think about nothing. I want to sleep and not set an alarm. 

I've been so stressed and its just making me depressed.
I need to get out of this funk. 
I need to learn to stop being a cry baby and stand up for myself.

Usually i'm the one who says "why start tomorrow, when you can start today"
but sometimes its ok to not be ok and take a night to clear your head, right?
Tonight is going to be my night to let it all go. Glass of wine, tacos, my love and
 last night's Rachel Zoe are waiting...  Is it 5:30p.m. yet?

And tomorrow :


  1. I love your blog! Definitely following now, stay in touch xx

  2. Very inspiring post. Thanks for sharing! I just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog and (if you like) following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

  3. Awwww tomorrow is always another day - working out and writing are my favorite ways to gain perspective...

    Pearls & Paws

  4. I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes you just have to let yourself be a little grumpy though. Just be lazy and do whatever you feel like for a bit, and you'll get yourself out of it when your ready. xx