Monday, December 31, 2012

First (stone) Family Vacay!

Hi loves!
Merry (belated) Christmas! I hope you all had an AMAZING time with your loved ones...

I spent Christmas weekend with Derek and his amazing family...
my FIRST family vacation with his whole fam!
We spent 5 fantastic days in sunny Palm Springs

and now... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
2012 has been amazing. I landed my dream job, got my car, got 2 more nephews (Eli and Phoenix), and grew even more with Derek.. <3 I can't wait for 2013. Starting off the year with a Tutu Party, Champagne, and a kiss at midnight... followed by the "big move" into D's house in Feb.
2013... Bring It On!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Story

Today Derek and I are celebrating 3 years <3
He is my best friend and I'm so lucky to have him in my life.
We have been through so much together and really grown as individuals and as a couple.
I love him to the moon and back. 3 years down and so many more ahead.

Derek and I met in High School on New Years Eve 2005.
He was a Senior and I was a Junior.
I went to e NYE party and my friend Ashlee and I decided to bail out early.
Problem: Parent's didn't want us driving on NYE - we both had told our parents we were sleeping at our friend's house, so we couldn't go home.
Ashlee called the boy she was dating who happened to be up the street at Derek's house.
We ended up crashing at Derek's that night with his friends.
The next morning i woke up and my friend was gone! She had left me there and apparently Derek had offered to drive me home.
Derek took me to breakfast at Jerry's Deli <3
We "dated" (went on a few dates and hung out like high schoolers did) for a while but then Derek 
went off to college at CSU Monterey Bay.
We never really "broke up" or had a fight or anything... we just kinda went out separate ways.
We kept in touch and were still good friends...

A year later, my senior year, I asked Derek to my prom.
He said no.
(he doesn't remember this...)

I ended up going to CSU Monterey Bay after High School and was reunited with Derek.
Our friend Mike (who we also knew from high school) knew i still had a thing for Derek.
He bet me a fancy dinner that Derek liked me too, and bet me "a fancy dinner that Derek would ask me out on a date"
I should have known something was fishy when Derek asked me out a day or so later.
Mike had told Derek about the little bet and offered to split the fancy dinner with him!!!!!!!!!

I found out (heartbroken) the next day that Derek was dating another girl.
And so to make him jealous I decided to go on a date with his roommate, Carter (the one friend he told me NEVER to go out with).
Derek ended up transferring to a college in Chicago...and I dated Carter on and off for a few years...

4 years ago on my 21st Birthday (Carter didn't want to come) Derek showed up (on a mission)
Derek told me I was meant to be with him and that one day I would realize it.
He took me and all my friends to a club to celebrate my big day. 
and at the end of the night he sealed it with a kiss.
I went back to Monterey and broke up with Carter...
I was single for a while and
Derek and I started talking again (more often, like non-stop

On Thanksgiving break right before Derek graduated he tried to 
convince me we were meant to be together.
I was skeptical at first...
But we decided when he came back from Chicago we would give it a shot.
December 19, 2010 Derek got home and we were together.
I was still living in Monterey, but we made it work...
For the first 6 months or so I drove down almost every weekend to spend time with him. Once I graduated I moved back home and now we are getting ready to move in together in February...
Happily Ever After...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Girl Crush

I have a Girl Crush on Rachel Bilson
esp. on Hart of Dixie
I love her style!!!
Can we be friends?! Shopping buddies?! Thanks.

Monday, December 10, 2012

On the First, Second, and Third nights of Hannukah...

I survived my Monday at the office...barely...

I had a perfect holiday filled weekend!!! 
Friday night D and I went to get our FIRST Christmas Tree 
(that I call my Hanukkah Bush even tho he hates it)
I walked in and wanted the FIRST one we saw... but D made me keep looking.
I played hide and seek in the trees and then we finally decided on the perfect
We took the Tree to its new home and then headed to Target for decorations.
Derek always gets his way. SO he shot down my "blue and white Hanukkah colors" and
we ended up with Blue, Purple and White lights and Red and Gold ornaments.
(sounds like a mess of color but it came out gorg.!!!!)

Saturday was the First night of Hanukkah!
I bought myself a "Yonana" which is officially the greatest invention ever.
That night we met my family at the Rabbi's house (who happens to be a family friend) to light candles
and then my family headed out for a Hanukkah Sushi Dinner at Kushiyu. Yum.
After dinner D and I headed to my friend's birthday out in Culver City 
(we got lost and I swear we felt like we were in a different country)
We drink, drank, drunk and had the best time!

I woke up Sunday with the worst.hangover.ever. 
We invited Amber (my A, my twin, my second half, you get the point..) and her boyfriend Dennis (who is now Derek's D, his twin, his second half) over to watch Football and Tacos.
I'm not into the football part but I die for the Vallarta tacos...

I hope everyone is surviving their Monday.
Happy 3rd night of Hanukkah <3

Xo, Allison

P.S. If you haven't seen it already - Pink and Pepper is having an amazing 8 nights of Hannukah sale
(different percentage for each day)
PromoCode: 8crazynights

Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally Friday!

I can't believe its already December 7th!
Where has this year gone?!
My office got our Christmas Tree and its BEAUTIFUL.
(I can't wait to decorate my "Hanukkah Bush" for the house tomorrow)

So how was your Thursday?
Mine was a total Throwback.
Last night was my High School's Winter Concert.
I remember being in Vocal Ensemble and singing in the concert every year.
This year - My friend Daniel and I decided to go.
(Daniel is amazing. He is the Steven to my L.C.)
laguna beach anyone?
At the end of the Vocal Ensemble's performance, Mr.Pease (who was our teacher years ago)
calls up all Vocal Ensemble Alum. to sing Silent Night.
Cross it off the Bucket List.
We have kinda waited 6 years to do this. So fun and So many memoriesssss.

Side Note: Can we talk about this whole Neiman Marcus at Target thing?!
I like some of the stuff but its def too expensive for Target. Not sure if I can see myself spending 
$100 on a dress from target (Even if it is part of the N.M. collection.)
What are your thoughts?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two - 2 - two - TWO

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!
My oldest nephew had his Lego Birthday Party today.
He is growing up Way.Too.Fast!

I went sentimental on his gift this year.
When my sisters and I were younger we had a personalized "Birthday Song" from Captain Zoom!
and the song has been stuck in my head ever since
I googled the song and found the SAME song just for Noah!!
He loved it and it brought tears to everyone in my family as we sang along.

Love my new AQUA sweater <3<3<3

The Lego Party!

Birthday Boy with his Dino 

Nanny with Baby Eli <3

Baby Eli

Never too old for Legos!


 Sharing with Auntie 

Baby E loves his Uncle D