Thursday, February 27, 2014

Colder Weather

The rain finally made it's way to LA! It's finally foggy, cold, wet, and a little gloomy. It's cuddle weather and I'm loving every second of it. 

"Some people feel the rain.  Others just get wet."

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hiking in Ojai and a Giveaway!

Sunday, Derek and I went hiking in Ojai with my dad and some of his friends.  Don't mind my dad's dorky hiker's outfit...He is "preparing" for a trip to Switzerland to hike the Swiss Alps with my oldest sister in June (testing out his walking sticks, breaking in new hiking boots, and he has weights in his pack to get used to carrying the weight he will have on the trip). It was a great day spending time with Derek and my Dad in the 80 degree California winter.

Sidenote: its FINALLY going to rain here in L.A. this week! I.Can't.Wait.


If you haven't blog-met Erin over at Living in Yellow yet, I highly suggest you click that little link and read away.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Currently Obsessed: Lace Bralettes

I may be a little late to the party but I finally just purchased my first lace bralette last weekend and I'm obsessed. I may or may not have gotten 10 more since. When you love something, you have to buy every color and style, right?

In the past I was hectic to buy them because I have no boobs am a member of the Itty-Bitty-Titty Committee. Without the Victoria Secret full padded push up's I'm able to pass for a teenager. I was also worried that the little lace would do nothing and make me look like one of those ladies that doesn't wear a bra. I secretly judge them and definitely did not want to become one of them.

They are amazing. So comfortable and light it feels like wearing nothing (without the gross look of free-boobing). Plus, they look pretty sexy with big tank tops or backless shirts.

*all images are from websites linked above

So, its FRIDAY! What are your weekend plans? I don't have plans yet, but I do know that no matter what I do, I'll be wearing a new lace bralette... tmi?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hump Day Happiness

I love not working on Mondays. The week seems so much shorter and it makes me happy when I realize its already Wednesday! Its almost the weekend! 

In case you live under a rock and have not seem this video on Facebook a million times, you need to watch it. and laugh. and enjoy. 

Happy Hump Day! Time to start planning the weekend, right?!

Friday, February 14, 2014

To My Valentine...

To my Squishy,

Thank you for...
making me laugh
tucking me in to bed every night
kisses in the morning
sleeping with all my stuffed animals
dealing with my monster-like ways when I'm hungry
hugging me when I'm sad
watching Pretty Little Liars with me
letting me sing you country concerts in the car...and telling me I could be Miranda Lambert
and so much more...

Who ever thought that my valentine in 11th grade would be the one I want to be mine forever?
Happy Valentine's Day! I Love You. Love, your Stinky

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Reusable Bags Kill My Vibe

Starting January 1, 2014 grocery stores stopped giving plastic bags.  Either bring your own reusable bag or pay for each paper bag you use.  Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise.  I don't know about you, but when I'm at the market I grab anything that looks good or that I might want.  Now that I have to bring my own bags, I'm so picky and only get what I need (up to the amount that will fit in however many bags I have at that time). Win/Win situation. I'm eating less junk and saving more money (and saving the world without my use of plastic?)

My last trip to CVS, I was shocked when they said they too no longer give out bags! Whaaat!? (good thing I had a bunch in the car because who doesn't get things they don't need at CVS?!) The good part about CVS is that the things I buys are small items. This whole "bag" situation doesn't really change my CVS shopping addiction much other then having to remember my bags from the car.

Here's where it 100% kills my vibe. TARGET! I went yesterday for ONE THING. Naturally, that one item turned into shoes, shampoo and conditioner, new hair brushes, froggy bag clips (necessary, I swear), a bottle of get where I'm going with this...

Target is the one store where I can wonder for hours and find a million things I'm convinced I need.  Now that I have to carry my own bags, and remember to bring enough bags for everything they carry in the store, it feels like target on a budget (and no one likes that feeling!) Side note: If you don't have bags you obviously can buy them at target...for the rip-of price of $4.99. damn.

Is your area going Green? Do they make you carry bags everywhere? Do you always forget yours in the car like I do?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Who's House? T-House! - Super Bowl 2014

Well, that was the most boring super bowl ever...

But.. it was a huge night for MVP, Malcolm Smith! Representing my alumni, Taft High! So crazy to think I had class with him, used to watch his games in high school, saw him daily around campus, and now he is MVP?!

Congrats, Malcolm on being another legend out of T-House!

Who's House? T-House!