Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My life Insta-lately...

(1.) The Countdown (today = 45 Days!!!)

(2.) Brandi left me her office mug when she left for Italy! It makes my morning in the office a little brighter <3

 (3.) Friday night we had a bunch of friends over for Sushi Making!!!
This was one of 3 platters soooo we had a lot of left overs but it was worth it...
(I may or may not have cut my finger...ekkkkk)

(4.) Zoey came over for sushi night too and after eating we watched Comedy shows.... Zoey just wanted to make sure we were watching her too <3 

 (5.) Anthropology 

(6.) My best friend Christina (since 12) lives in Pittsburgh but was in L.A. last night!!!! Yayyy!!!
I love seeing her, even if its only for an hour.
 i miss her already.

(6.) Sneak Peak into tonight's Date Night!!
Derek and I are going to the Lakers Game tonight and get to watch as they retire Shaq's jersey!

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