Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday

College seems like FOREVER ago!
I miss it so much!
Not the classes, or the work load.. but I miss my girls and the trouble we got in to.
I miss having people to hang out with at all hours of the day/night.
I miss the adventures ("ann fletchers" as we called them) that usually ended up somewhere with food.
I miss being able to walk to my friend's houses because they live right next door.
I miss laughing with my friends.
I miss the "morning after" story sessions where we could try to remember most of the night.
I miss offering to be DD just so I could make fun of the drunkies I call friends.
I miss dancing.
I miss the Mucky Duck (our go-to bar).

I wouldn't change our memories for anything in the world.

Yesterday, my friend Jenya started up a group text...
One picture.
Which lead to conversations about Brazilian waxing, soccer, and who made out with who 
throughout our college days.

We like to think of Krysta as the "Sniper".
She gets pictures of EVERYTHING!!!! (including the things you wish no one saw)
I don't know how but it is one of many amazing qualities.
As the convo got going Krysta mentioned making a photo album.
Not just any boring old regular photo album, but a book of pictures, stories, qoutes, and everything else amazing from our "good ol' days"...Sisterhood of the Travelings Pants style.

Walnut Creek, CA -- Tarzana, CA -- Miami, FL -- Roseville, CA -- 
Pleasenton, CA -- Hawaii -- Newport Beach, CA -- and SOUTH KOREA (okay, shipping to South Korea might be expensive so she might just have to wait till she moves back to the states to join in)

At least this will keep us all bonded until the weddings start...  :)


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  2. Ann Fletchers- definitely my new favorite word right there! I may have to steal that one ;) Thanks for linking up!