Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Country Girl at Heart

I'm loving this song right now. Obsessed. 
I forgot about it for a while and then I heard it today and can't get it out of my head.

It makes me smile.


TBT: 2009? who knows...
*true religion jeans
*abercrombie flannel
*frye boots

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Its been way too long...

It has been WAY too long since i've been on a computer (outside of work).
I've been seriously slacking.
Life has been cray-cray for the past few weeks.
Brandi&Brandon came to visit from Italy last week, D&I had our nephew Phoenix's first birthday, I started my new amazing job, Fathers Day, we have been SO busy.

Did I mention how amazing my new job is? No? Ok, well its p.e.r.f.e.c.t.
I have a 10 minute commute (whaaaat?! no more spending hours in the car)
I've even been going home for lunch and saving so much money.
Since i'm off at 5 and don't have a 2 hours commute home I actually have a life again!!

I no longer get to wear whatever I want to work (the "no jeans" thing kills me...) The office is business attire and my closet is seriously slacking in that department. I need a closet makeover. like, yesterday.

Alright ladies.... What are your favorite places to shop for business attire??

Xo, Allison.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Punta Cana / Night Shows

I promise this is my last post on Punta Cana. 

Let me introduce to you: Ben, Beth & Beyond.
We met Ben&Beth the first day of our trip, in the pool.
They swam up and asked if we were american and if we spoke English.
Normally, this would be an awkward way to start a conversation but not on this trip!
Infact, that's pretty much how they all started. There weren't too many American's.

Each night D&I met Ben&Beth after dinner to watch the hotel's evening production.
A circus, Michael Jackson Tribute Show, and a Broadway Show.
 I'm not kidding you when I say these are REAL productions. 
(I would have easily paid to watch them...especially Michael Jackson)


Monday, June 3, 2013

Punta Cana / Romantical Dinner Dates

Each night Derek and I had dinner reservations at a different restaurant at the hotel.
(the Steakhouse wins for best meal, even though the power went out in the area we were sitting and we had to eat in the dark. kinda romantic. not.)

We walked along the beach to dinner every night, enjoyed the sunset, and took plenty of pictures. 
Derek and I got really good at setting up the camera on random things and setting the timer.
ready. set. RUN. and pose.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to turn 25 in Punta Cana!!

The last day of our trip was my 25th Birthday!!!
Umm, I swear I JUST turned 21. Where is all this time going?!

I'm a big fan of celebrating my birthday. I love spending it with my friends and family. I love getting the free dessert at dinner and having them sing. Derek hates it. He hates the attention. 
I was a little nervous to celebrate in Punta Cana with just Derek.
My mom tells the waitress/waiter at ANY meal during the month of May that it's my birthday. 
This year I wasn't going to be able to talk to my family or text my friends or anything. 

Derek made it extra special. We woke up early and went on a Buggie Ride in Cap Cana.
We drove the buggies to the beach, went swimming, and the tour guides took pictures of all the couples.
Then we got back in the buggies and headed out to the next stop.
We parked the buggies and took a short walk through the jungle until we reached the most beautiful place I have ever seen. literally, jaw-dropping. Hoyo Azul is a cave with fresh water. The water is freezing but its worth every second. Derek and I were the first few to jump in. Being the trill seekers that we are, Derek asked the tour guide to show us where else we could jump from. We ended up climbing up on the rocks and jumping from every point possible. It was trilling and exciting and the PERFECT way to turn 25!

We spent the afternoon at the hotel pool tanning and drinking. On the way to dinner Derek took me "present shopping" and bought me some new Marc Jacobs sunnies <3 best.boyfriend.ever.award.
We went to the Teppan restaurant at the hotel (Derek and I go to Teppan for most celebrations so it was perfect!) At the end of dinner the hotel delivered a Birthday Cake and sang Happy Birthday (at least that's what I think they were saying, it wasn't in English)...

I couldn't have asked for a more amazing day.
it was a PERFECT day.
*Warning: Pictures Overload Below*

The Buggies:

(so dirty..thanks D)

Cap Cana Beach!

Hoyo Azul

Birthday Dinner