Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday - Pay Day, Short Day, and REVIEW Day.

No one likes to sit in a room and be told what they do wrong.
 and only what they do wrong. 
and what to fix. how to fix it. 
and more of what they did wrong.

But, today was my annual review so that's exactly how I spent my morning.
Welcome to the "Real World". Yuck. Can I go back to school now?!
I've been at the firm one.whole.year.
The perks got better, more vacayyyy, more $$$, more responsibilities...

My nerves have been cray-cray since my email on Tuesday
"Allison - Lets do your annual review on Thursday"
I swear I get the worse rollercoaster-nerves ever.
Thursday came around and it got pushed to Friday. 
Then 10 a.m. got pushed to 10:30 a.m. and the nerves worse with every minute.

And now its over. I may have wanted to cry for no reason at all except that my nerves were bonkers. 
I held it in. I took it all in. I will used the constructive criticism daily.
I will grow from this.

(photos from Google)

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