Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I joined a Dance/Workout Studio last night!!!
Instead of driving home and sitting in traffic for an hour (or more) I decided to 
join a class, work out, and miss rush hour.

Last night was my first class.
They really should call it 
"After: You burn so bad you won't walk for a week"

I figured I would go check out the class, pick a spot in the back, and see what I was getting myself into.
There was only 3 of us in the class. 
I was the newbie right in the middle between the two long-time class members
who just happened to be friends with the instructor.
I'm surprised I kept up. I am proud of myself!
and today I am definitely feeling the "Afterburn".

It's my new love/hate relationship.
i LOVE LOVE LOVE the exercise.
i HATE the soreness today.

72 days to go. I can do it!!!


  1. nice! keep up the good work...I love the after burn!

    1. Thanks! I cant even believe i'm still sore today!