Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wikked Lil' Grrrls

I'm totally the girl who watches Dancing with the Stars or The Voice and wishes I could dance or sing...
(even though I promise when i'm alone I dance and sing like Beyonce)

I headed to Afterburn last night to get my butt kicked with some squats, planks, and weights.
Instructor was a no show. So they gave me a pass for a free class and let me join in the other class that was going on during the Afterburn hour...
(they actually take an hour to choreograph a sexy Burlesque dance)

Its official. I am NOT a dancer. (I  may keep up in Zumba and have one or two signature moves for the club but who doesn't?!)
It was SO FUN to let loose and pretend like no one was watching.
(unfortunately there were like 30 girls watching and waiting for the Zumba class that started next).

I went straight home and had to show Derek all my new moves.
He couldn't stop laughing and I think that was my cue to stick to Afterburn.

(image from google)

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