Monday, January 20, 2014

Sometimes Excuses Are Necessary...

Its okay...

that I haven't put my clean laundry away.... because I'll probably wear most of it this week anyways, right?

that I haven't packed for my weekend in Palm Springs... because there is always tomorrow (ugh I hate packing and I miss Derek already!)

that I ate cookies yesterday (and maybe ice cream after dinner) ... because I go to the gym now (fine, that one is not okay at all... I need self control!!!)

that I bought 2 scarfs at Zara yesterday even though its in the 80s and sunny and refuses to be cold in L.A.... because no matter what Derek says these two are WAY different than the other 2930270359702 scarfs in my closet.

that today is Monday... because this week Monday is the new Wednesday (2 1/2 day week for me.. sorry I'm not sorry)

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