Thursday, January 30, 2014

Invasion of Privacy

So, remember when I was super excited about my new gym membership? Like, 2 weeks ago? Let's just say things have changed a bit over the last week...

Last Tuesday, after work, I headed to the gym.  I got there around 5:30.  My training session wasn't until 7:00 which means I had plenty of time to spare.  I took my time changing and putting my things in my locker (I take everyone out of my bag: hairbrush, clean clothes for afterwards, bathing suit for post-workout sauna/jacuzzi sesh, etc.)

There was a girl frantic in the locker room who asked if a certain locker was mine. Which it wasn't. I pointed to my locker which cannot be mistake for any other since I had a pink breast cancer awareness lock.  I headed up stairs to walk on the treadmill for an hour before training.  That same girl was walking around asking each woman if they had a lock in the women's locker room.  I reminded her that she already asked me.. you know, pink lock... she remembered and moved on to the woman next to me.

With 5 minutes left until I had to meet my trainer, I walked back to the locker room to put away my iPod. SURPRISE! There was a paper on the locker that I had been using that said "Please see the front desk".  My locker was the ONLY ONE with this paper.

I went up to the front desk to find out that the girl had told them she left something in the locker was using and long story short, they had cut the lock off my locker for her.  My things were placed in a plastic trash bag and was left for me to pick up at the front desk.

I was FURIOUS. It was time to meet my trainer.  I used my frustration to push me harder through the workout.  Once I was finished (the time I would normally relax and shower) I got my stuff from the front desk and called Derek and cried.

I'm a private girl. I'm not the one walking around naked in the locker room.  I'm shy and hope no one is watching me at the gym. It took years for me to get a membership and now I just feel violated.

I wish they had made any effort to ask the girl if she knew who's locker it was, or made an effort to find the owner before cutting the lock.  I should have been present.  Its against their policy.  Its been over a week and I'm still waiting to see how they are going to make things better... and I'm not sure they can.


  1. Wow! Was the girl's stuff actually in the locker? I would have been pissed too and would have let them know that! And why didn't she say anything to you that she thought she left something in that locker when she asked you TWICE about it?!

    1. Apparently nothing was found (and luckily nothing of mine went missing!) Some girls just have no respect!!

      Happy Friday :)

  2. Ugh, some people are so ridiculous, and it ruins everyday pleasures for the rest of us. Nothing was missing, right?! Sorry you had to go through that... I'd be furious, too!

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. Ya, its the biggest bummer. Killed my gym vibe completely!

      Happy Friday!

  3. Ooh, that's so not cool! That would probably be enough to put me off of the gym, though I've never had enough courage to get a membership yet, so it wouldn't take much.

    1. Not cool at all! At least my boyfriend joined with me! He is my motivation to keep going back...Otherwise, I would have dropped that monthly fee on the spot!