Thursday, January 16, 2014

Peaks of the Week

Its Thursday, my loves, and I am SO ready for the weekend. Its been a stressful week at work and I've been spending my nights in the gym (Derek and I finally got memberships last weekend!) which has made me feel a bit out of place...
I'm realizing more how important it is to focus on the positive things going on rather than getting upset and stressed about the million awful things i'm dealing with.

Peaks of this Week:
* My new Gym Membership (started Saturday and been 4 times...great start!)
*I decided to DIY and fell in LOVE with making headbands (post coming soon!)
*Next week is a short week before I head to Palm Springs with my Dad
*Its been in the 80's this week... Isn't it winter?
*Yesterday was a pay day. Which is always the best day. Shopping anyone?

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