Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lakers - Can You Dig It?!

Derek always wants me to watch every Lakers game with thank you.
But give me some tickets and i'm a jersey-wearing #1 Fan.
There is something about being at the game that brings out the fan in me.
Maybe its the food? Being surrounded by screaming fans? Kiss cam?

Random Fact: being on the Kiss Cam is definitely on my bucket-list (at a Dodger game, but i'll settle for Lakers game) I love the awkward moments when they pick a brother/sister or people who aren't together and I love how excited the cute old couples get when they are on the screen. its the best!

Anyways...I got 2 tickets for the game through my office (read about that here).
Last night was extra special because they retired Shaq's jersey!
It was so exciting to be there in person to witness basketball history.
Forever, Derek and I will be able to look up at the top of Staples Center at #34 and 
know that we were there for it's retirement!

As if one sporting event wasn't enough for the week - Derek and I are going to the Dodger game tonight!!!!!
I <3 Baseball Season!!!
(Kiss Cam - i'll be waiting....)

They gave away free jerseys!!

Phil Jackson



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