Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mr. E turns ONE!

My Sister had a baby and claimed she didn't know she was pregnant! 
Grab some popcorn and a comfy seat, this story is a long but interesting one... 
Just over a year ago my life completely changed in so many ways.
I was at a great place in my life. Got my own apartment, got a job at a law firm, was in school for my paralegal certification, etc.
Three weeks into my new job, my mom called to tell me she had gone for her yearly checkup with her heart doctor (she has heart disease and originally had stents put in her arteries when I was a senior in high school).   The Dr had told her that he saw some more blockage and that it was time for him to put a few more stents in. My mom has so many health issues, but long story short - she won the battle with breast cancer, then to find out she had stage 3 lymphoma, and then after found out she has a lymphoma of the blood...Eeekk.
At this point my whole family knows my mom is a fighter and knew that this stent surgery wouldn't be an issue. Shes had it done before, and its (sadly) too common of a surgery. I went in to work
and told my sister to call me when mom got out of surgery.
That was NOT the call I got. Instead I got a text that my mom had to go in for an emergency triple bypass surgery. Really mom? I mean you always said "go big or go home" but TRIPLE BYPASS.
Open heart surgery is no joke.
I told my new bosses and they were SO understanding. I took the rest of the week off and spent it visiting my mom in the hospital. She recovered very quickly (she's a fighter) and she was released after about 48 hours. She went home to relax (pretty much on bed rest). 

So, I was back to work the next Monday, explaining the story to everyone and how my mom was doing great. She was safe at home, and i felt comfortable being back at the office.

One week later, I get a phone call at 2:30 a.m. from my mom. Clearly I freaked out.
Me (half asleep): "MOM, ARE YOU OKAY!!!!"
Mom: "Yes, but your sister bla bla bla hospital bla bla BABY"
Clearly, when i'm half asleep  i can only catch half of what is being said.
Me: "Noah?! what happened to him? hospital? wait WHAT?!"
Mom: "Your"

Yes, you read that correctly, she HAD a baby and we had NO idea she was pregnant.
She claims SHE didn't know she was pregnant.
You know that TV show? I didn't know I was pregnant? 
Well, I didn't buy it from my sister. My sister didn't look pregnant (she didnt really look pregnant the first time with Noah) But she couldn't have NOT known.
Long story short - I think she hid it from everyone. Baby E was a big baby. She has JUST had a baby a year before. She knows what a baby inside feels like.
I'm not an expert, I've never had a baby, but c'mon!!

I called Derek, freaking out, what would I tell my boss? My mom is on bed rest and can't hold over 5lbs. sooo I have to babysit Noah. How do I change a diaper?!

I got to the Hospital ASAP and met my new nephew. Eli Andrew.
aka: Mr. E 
I took Noah for the day while my sister/bro-in-law/Mr.E had some bonding time.
I took Noah to Derek's parents house (Derek took the day off to help also) and we had the best day.

So. I went back to work, they thought I was crazy. Most people here this story and are just shocked and confused. I laugh at it now because its just all so crazy and unbelievable.

Anyways... Mr. E turned ONE this weekend. 
I can't believe its been a year, but I guess when you miss the whole "i'm pregnant" announcement and the whole pregnancy part of it, it tends to feel like the 1st Birthday comes so fast.


  1. Holy cow! That story amazes me. I always think that too. I mean, really, how could you NOT know. But I think it really happens. Mr. E. is a cutie!

    1. Totally happens!!! I watched the show and stories are nuts. Just don't think it was that type of situation for my sister... either way i love my nephews to death and they are SO precious :)