Monday, November 26, 2012


Happy Cyber Monday Bloggers <3
Everyone have a good Thanksgiving??
I'm still full from Thursday.

This year Derek and I got to do it all twice.
Wednesday after work we headed out to my parents house for the night.
Thursday morning the Boys (Derek, my dad, bro-in-law, and nephews)
hung out while the Girls (me, mom, and sister) cooked the feast.
After we ate (for the first time) Derek and I headed to his 
family's feast for round 2.

My Boys watching Cartoons.

Turkey #1, Corn Bread, and Pumpkin Pies

Love these Boys!!
Noah (left) and Eli (right)

Turkey #2: Wrapped in Bacon... SO amazing. 

I didn't do any Black Friday shopping, 
but I ended up at the mall on Saturday and did a little damage.

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