Friday, November 30, 2012

Girls Night at Bloomies

Last night my mom picked me up from work and
we met my cousin at Bloomingdale's in the Beverly Center (she works in sunglasses).
Chanel was having an event teaching make-up techniques 
and they also had an amazing gift-with-purchase.

Have you ever gotten your make-up done and felt like a clown?
Like you aren't sure how they got the job as a make-up artist?
Well... it happened last night. Thick (not straight / uneven) purple liquid eye liner
 with pink eye shadows and a brick orange lip.
Not to worry - another artist at the counter saw my unhappy and confused face.
Justin to the rescue!
Removed the lipstick and replaced it with a soft neutral.
blended the eye liner and made it a softer and smokier but still subtle eye.

Once we were all done (and looking Gorg.) we shopped a bit and headed to dinner.
It was a perfect way to spend my Thursday night.
and i'm obsessed with my new Chanel eye shadow kit <3

I fell in love with the brand AQUA last night.. (below) Cashmere sweater <3 SO comfy for the rainy Friday.

 Sweater - AQUA

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