Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Lovey Day!

Happy Valentines Day!
Today is our 5th Valentines together <3 
(4 in the 3 years of dating and 1 in high school)

Derek and I are going to celebrate on Sunday since he won't be home tonight :(
I woke up to gorgeous flowers and a stuffed animal this morning and D even got out of bed super early to have a 5 minute breakfast with me before I ran out the door.

Throwback Thursday:
Our 1st Valentines day together was in High School.  I was SO nervous/excited all day at school!
I had no idea what to get him. Was I supposed to get him a gift even though he wasn't my "boyfriend"?!
My besties at the time were going to pick up gifts for their boyfriends after school (when I had soccer practice). They offered to get something up for me to give D (legit! problem solved!)
They dropped off the gift on their way home, perfectly wrapped and ready to go.

He came over after basketball practice with pink roses and a teddy bear. 
I handed him my gift (which secretly I had no idea what it was).
Silk boxers.
With kisses.
(and they were sheer)
I died. I wanted to KILL my friends (who had gotten similar gifts for their long time boyfriends).

We put on The Notebook, and within minutes Derek was snoring.

I never let him forget that he never actually watched the Notebook with me.
He loves to remind me that I gave him sheer silk kissy boxers.
And I still have the teddy bear he gave me.

Happy Valentines Day, Squishy. I love you more than pancakes. Xo, Stinky


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