Friday, February 22, 2013

Bare Essentials

I have always been a MAC make-up girl.
This weekend I had an appointment to get my make-up at MAC for the wedding D and I went to.
Sometimes a girl just doesn't wanna do her own makeup!

Long story short - I make the appointment too late in the day (oops) and MAC couldn't take me any earlier.
I was already at the mall so I decided to go over to "Bare Essentials" and have them to my make-up.

The makeup looks so smooth and flawless.
The color matches my skin perfectly and the warmth looks so natural.
and it lasts all day without my face feeling oily or gross.

Why has it taken me this long to try it?!
I seriously recommend you stop at the next Bare Essentials you see and ask them to show you
some products.

Bare Essentials just makes me Happy :)


  1. you look stunning :) I have to check them out

    1. Thanks! Let me know what you think!! Happy Friday!

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