Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Review and Beginning the Move

Hello my little Pancakes <3
Happy Tuesday!
seriously though, why isn't it Friday already?

I spent Thursday-Saturday in rainy San Diego (working a booth for my Dad at a convention)
But at least I got to spend some time with my parents.

I came back on Saturday night so I could have a "day off" before heading back to the office.
Sunday, D and I went for Champagne Brunch at El Torito and then started our "big move"!
There is NO WAY all my clothes are fitting in my new closet.

Our new home (aka his parents' guest house) is getting a make over this week!!
Switching out carpet for hardwood floors, painting cabinets, 
fixing tile in the bathroom, painting our bedroom.
I'm so excited for it all to be finished so we can finish the move and put together our home!!

I can't tear myself away from Pinterest these days looking at unrealistic Home Decor ideas!!

Any tips for closet storage? or moving? or home decor ideas?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tell Me Something Good Tuesday..

Its Tuesday.
Today sucks.
I'm clearly having a bad day.
 I decided to take a minute to think of the good going on...

 I'm putting in my 30 day notice tonight for my apartment!!
Our hardwood floors are being put in any day now!
The weather is AMAZING right now.
My co-workers are thebomb.com!
Tomorrow is my Friday.
I'm headed down to San Diego tomorrow for the weekend!

Ok. I feel a little better.....kinda.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Perfect Weekend

Linking up with Sami's Shenanigan's for my Weekend Update:

I seriously feel bad for anyone NOT in L.A. this weekend.
The weather was too perfect.
Sunny, Warm, Clear Skies
It was THE perfect weekend.
Surprise flowers from my love, Golf on Saturday, Birthday celebrations, Wine tasting...

Yesterday, we spent the day at Malibu Wines and Calamigos Ranch 
with Derek's sister and her husband.
It is so amazing and gorgeous at both locations.
We had 2 bottles of wine and some snacks and listened to live music at Malibu Wines and then
headed down the road to Calamigos for an early dinner at M.Cafe.



^ This is where his sister got married <3 so beautiful

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!!!
Happy Monday!! and Happy MLK Day!!

Xo, Allison

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Cabo 2011

Happy Thursday Bloggies!
This week has gone SO SLOW!! Derek was in Vegas for work - and I spent my nights at home packing up my life into a million boxes and making my apartment look like an episode of Hoarders...
I'm ready to just throw it all out and start over. not really.

Derek and I have also been talking about planning our Vacay 2013!!!
I've been begging D to go on a vacation for yearssss (k, maybe only a year but it feels like a lifetime)
Looks like its going to be an all-inclusive Jamaican experience!
I think I need to become friends with a travel agent because I don't even know where to begin.

Thursday Throwback
We went to CABO in 2011 with my parents and had the BEST time.
The beach, jet-skiing, booze-cruses, spa day, amazing drinks, so fun...
It was the first time D spent that much one on one time with my dad (talk about intimidating)
but by day 2 he had my dad playing pool volleyball and taking shots (without me!!!)
Can we go back there? Right now? I'm over work this week.

Pool Day

They got very creative with towels and my stuffed animal (Zeebies)...

El Squid Roe

This ^ is the most famous night of the trip (and a huge step in out relationship).
We went for dinner and I ordered a steak. (16 oz. to be exact)
Derek always made fun of me for eating "like the girl" when we go out to eat... but this night 
changed everything.
I ate the steak. the WHOLE steak. and sides. and his sides. and then ordered dessert.
My parents were not so shocked (sometimes a girl just wants to eat!!) but Derek had no idea it was possible for me to eat anything other than a half of a salad. 

 Booze Cruise... <3 romantic sunset before the party began..

I can't wait for our next trip together. This time it will be just.the.two.of.us.
<3, Xo

Friday, January 11, 2013

Introducing Miss Wu

Nordstrom introduced Jason Wu's new line last week : Miss Wu
Love the line - not the price point (even though it is lower than his other lines). 
I want every item in my closet. pronto.
It's feminine, chic, and fun.
I love the pleated skirts in every color/style.
Check out the Refinery29 article HERE and shop it HERE.

What is your fav. piece?!

Photos complements of Nordstrom.com

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Xo, Allison


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Watch Out !

I recently expanded my watch collection (thanks to Christmas/my loving boyfriend) <3
If you couldn't tell from previous posts - I'm a huge Michael Kors fan...
I rarely use them for time (isn't that what a cell phone is for?!). I feel like a watch just completes an outfit.
I started adding bracelets with my watches changes the look in an instant! BaubleBar has some
amazing pieces. I'm a little obsessed with the site.

Just a few of my Favs:

 Gold watch - Michael Kors; Silver Watch - Betsey Johnson; Rose Gold w/ Leather - Michael Kors
Rose Gold - Michael Kors
White bracelet - gifted; other bracelets - BaubleBar