Thursday, January 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Cabo 2011

Happy Thursday Bloggies!
This week has gone SO SLOW!! Derek was in Vegas for work - and I spent my nights at home packing up my life into a million boxes and making my apartment look like an episode of Hoarders...
I'm ready to just throw it all out and start over. not really.

Derek and I have also been talking about planning our Vacay 2013!!!
I've been begging D to go on a vacation for yearssss (k, maybe only a year but it feels like a lifetime)
Looks like its going to be an all-inclusive Jamaican experience!
I think I need to become friends with a travel agent because I don't even know where to begin.

Thursday Throwback
We went to CABO in 2011 with my parents and had the BEST time.
The beach, jet-skiing, booze-cruses, spa day, amazing drinks, so fun...
It was the first time D spent that much one on one time with my dad (talk about intimidating)
but by day 2 he had my dad playing pool volleyball and taking shots (without me!!!)
Can we go back there? Right now? I'm over work this week.

Pool Day

They got very creative with towels and my stuffed animal (Zeebies)...

El Squid Roe

This ^ is the most famous night of the trip (and a huge step in out relationship).
We went for dinner and I ordered a steak. (16 oz. to be exact)
Derek always made fun of me for eating "like the girl" when we go out to eat... but this night 
changed everything.
I ate the steak. the WHOLE steak. and sides. and his sides. and then ordered dessert.
My parents were not so shocked (sometimes a girl just wants to eat!!) but Derek had no idea it was possible for me to eat anything other than a half of a salad. 

 Booze Cruise... <3 romantic sunset before the party began..

I can't wait for our next trip together. This time it will be
<3, Xo


  1. Jamacia will be a blast! I am so jealous you got to hold a baby lion!! I think its adorable when housekeeping places your stuffed animals and makes them look cute! I hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks! I'm so excited to plan Jamaica, and it was very fun to walk into our room with the towels decorated on the bed. Happy Friday! Just followed your blog - love it!


  2. This looks so exciting! I haven't been to the beach in forever, and your trip looked incredible! Hopefully this next trip will be as well. (:

    1. Allison - great name! :)

      I can't wait for the next vacay! I need one pronto! Just started following your blog. Happy Friday!!

  3. I want to be there NOW. It's negative 6 outside.. no lie!

    Pearls & Paws