Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quarter Century Birthday Month

Its MAY which means its my Birthday!!!!
(yes, the whole month...but especially the 24th)

I'm turning 25! Quarter Century! Whoop!
Derek and I will be celebrating in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic <3 so Dreamy
16 days and counting

Since I'll be 25 so soon, here's 25 things you might not know about me:

1. I love love love stuffed animals. I sleep with 5 every night and it makes me sad to see when people tie them to the back of their cars (like really?! who does that!!)

2. I'm lactose intolerant & I love ice cream. (I still eat dairy and cry after with tummy aches but that's life)

3. I was adopted. Me and one of my sisters were both adopted at birth from the same birth parents.

4. I played soccer for 18 years. I was a goalie. I would do anything to be able to throw my cleats on and play again.

5. I love country music.

6. I am double jointed & can wiggle my ears like a hippo.

7. Speaking of Hippos - they are my favorite animal.

8. I don't like living in L.A. If i could pack up and move to another state (Chicago?), I would.

9. I'm allergic to everything. Bee stings, Fabreeze, any scented lotions or bath oils or tanning oils (but not the dry sprays), hypoallergenic soap (I don't even understand that), Plug-in air fresheners, scented laundry detergents (mainly scented things and oils). 

10. I get bored with my hair and change it often. Blonde to Brown, Long-ish to Short-ish. But the one hair style I wanted to do but never did was Ombre.

11. I love to bake. I'm famous for my "must have milk" brownies and my Nutella rolls. Yumm.

12. I cry at weddings. All weddings. Even for strangers or on T.V. (I'll be a MESS at my wedding)
(this was D's sister's wedding, i'm clearly in heels)

13. I love giving gifts. I love making people happy and seeing them smile.

14. I love watching the ID channel. I fall asleep every night watching murder shows.

15. Dress up characters (like Mickey Mouse) scare me. I cry. Its embarrassing.

16. My parents thought I was going to be a boy. They wanted a boy. My name was going to be David. When they realized I was a girl they decided Allison was a better fit. They didn't change my Hebrew name so its still David (Davida "dah-vee-dah"- the girl verson).... they really wanted a boy. Sorry!

17. I'm addicted to Diet Coke. Its a problem.

18. I can't skip. I can if I really try. Otherwise, naturally, its more of a frolic.

19. I'm always cold. Always.

20. I love to swim but i'll usually only get in the pool if it feels like a bathtub.

21. I used to collect those giant over-sized pencils. I still have the collection and I kinda wish I never stopped.

22. If you tap my back (like you would burp a baby), it makes me burp. Derek finds it hilarious. I find it annoying and inappropriate but I can't help it.

23. I've moved yearly for the past 8 years (every year since I started college). I hate moving. I can't wait to find a place to officially call home.

24. My favorite color right now is glitter or Navy Blue (for those that don't think glitter is a color?)... Navy Blue with Gold Glitter combo? I just love glitter.

25. I hate the word "moist". Just typing to grosses me out. Ew.

*** I didn't think coming up with 25 facts about myself would be hard. Note to self: it is.

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