Friday, May 31, 2013

Punta Cana / Cheeky Shorts are NOT made for ZipLining

Hola! Another post about Punta Cana... The pictures/posts don't even do the trip justice. Punta Cana has my heart <3 Its so dreamy. The water, the white sand, the views, the people, the air (i'm a huge fan of humidity. weird, i know).

Derek and I went Zip Lining in Cap Cana.  I made the mistake of only packing Cheeky shorts for the trip.  I didn't see an issue with it until Zip Lining. We had to crawl in caves and climb up the side of the mountain on ladders and stuff. Derek decided to let ALL the 6 tour guide behind me take a look and cat call as I was bent over in front of them. how ruuude!

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