Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Its Time for Dodger Baseball

So I've learned a few things lately… 1. I love using my camera with the intent that i'll load the pictures and blog but that doesn't happen and 2. This little bloggy takes a lot of time and I totally neglect it.

Anyways… Its Dodger season which means I am a very happy girl.  I love baseball, dodgers, and especially Matt Kemp.  Another thing I love about Dodger games is going on Fridays for Firework Night but this year the universe is apparently against me seeing fireworks.

2 Weeks ago Derek got last minute tickets to a friday night game. I was beyond excited for fireworks. The game was so fun and every inning closer to fireworks I got more excited. Long story short, 3 extra innings later they cancelled the fireworks because of the noise ordinance! WHAT?! So, the next Friday I decided to get tickets for Derek and I to try again…half way through the game the rain starts. RAIN. It has rained maybe twice this whole year and it decides to rain the night I go to see fireworks? So the lady working at the game (who we became friends with by the 4th inning) knew how excited I was and told us the fireworks we still happening!! Yay! Then came extra innings and my heart sank. Then came an announcement that "if fireworks didn't start by 10:50 they would not happen. So, after sitting in the rain for hours and giving up 3 runs in the extra innings and the fact that it was 10:47 with only 1 out… we left.

We get in the car, turn on the radio to hear the end of the game… and it was over. The NEXT play was a double play and fireworks started right after.

So, i officially won't be attempting to see fireworks at a Dodger game this season….

But, before the firework drama we did we to go and see Lupe Fiasco perform!

Since i'm the worst blogger ever I here are the pics from that awesome night with Lupe (and none from the lack of firework nights)

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